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7 Creative Ways to Use Frosted Glass Window Graphics

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frosted glass window

Give your window or glass surface an elegant or professional makeover with frosted glass window graphics – the possibilities are endless.

Also known as etched vinyl, frosted glass window graphcis give the illusion of frosted or sand blown glass without the expensive price tag. Create a sense of privacy or design a professional environment; whatever your wants or needs, frosted glass window graphics offer a cheap and elegant solution, with more application possibilities than you would generally think of for your standard window graphics.

As a conference room window.

Time spent at work, particularly during meetings, is meant to be productive time. As much as most employees would like to work hard and get their job done, a bustling office space is prone to distractions. Limit what distractions your employees have access too by adding a frosted glass decal to your conference rooms or meeting spaces so that time spent working is as productive as possible.

Leave out your logo or name.

By leaving out your logo or name, you’ll draw more attention to it. We don’t mean completely fail to advertise your name or logo, of course. By completely cutting out your company name or logo design from your window decal, you can have a fully covered frosted window, minus your company name. This type of design looks professional and also boasts privacy.

Create a frosted glass lobby sign.

Using frosted glass window graphics on a panel of glass layered over a solid colored background can create a multi-dimensional graphic that adds depth and interest to your lobby sign.

Switch up the color.

Frosted glass comes in a variety of colors, so you can still achieve a high-end look or add privacy to any room without sacrificing a pop of color and a lively feel.

 Shower doors.

Rather than hanging up a shower curtain that gets in the way while you’re showering and is prone to molding, stick to a simple glass door. Still worried about privacy? That’s where window graphics come in. Frosted glass window decals and static clings allow you to have a high end look without the high end prices.

Bathroom Windows

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the natural sunlight in your bathroom or other private area just to maintain a sense of privacy and decency. Much like frosted glass window decals can be applied to shower doors, they can be applied to bathroom windows as well so that you can maintain a natural sunny glow without having to worry about prying eyes.

Create personalized gifts – picture frames, wine glasses, you name it.

The smallest of gifts can mean the most with just a small personal touch. Add something meaningful and elegant to virtually any glass product, from picture frames, to wine glasses, to customized trophies. These personalized souvenirs are perfect for anything from a gift to a close friend to a thank you gift or professional acknowledgement. So customize a special message to your mom, dad, or best friend that you’ll remember forever with a timeless gift.

Design simple promotional products for valued customers.

Whether you’re looking for a nice wine glass or a simple glass coaster, promotional products featuring your company name are the perfect gift to show your customers that you care. This sort of gift is a nice give-back opportunity for clients who spend time and money with your company, not to mention that it puts your name in households and office spaces, making it memorable for the next time they need your product or service.

If you’re looking to create a customized gift or sign using frosted glass window graphics, or if you have other creative ideas for ways to use frosted glass, contact us.