Branding Your Vehicle

Vehicle graphics can be a great way to advertise your business. Why spend money on billboards, flyers, or radio and television commercials but not utilize a great big blank canvas that moves all over town? But you don’t want it looking sloppy or gaudy. So what should you do? Well, here is the ultimate guide to vehicle graphics.

What to consider

  1. What are you trying to achieve? You want to build trust, exhibit professionalism, and ultimately drive business to your door (no pun intended).
  2. Building trust – Having a branded vehicle speaks of permanence and that you will be here for the long term. You take yourself –and your business — seriously.
  3. Exhibiting professionalism – A branded vehicle is like a good first impression. What do customers see when you drive up? A clean, branded vehicle with your company’s name and bold graphics? Or a plain white vehicle that may or may not even be the service person they called?
  4. Gain brand awareness and make the phone ring – People are more likely to go with brands they know and a branded vehicle is a moving billboard. There is a reason you see so many branded vehicles on the road these days; it is advertising that works. Many companies report receiving over 50% of their leads from people calling the phone numbers on their vehicles. Fifty percent!
  5. What graphics? – What do you want to put on the graphics? Define the goal. Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? To make a call? Just look more professional when you drive up to a customer?
  6. Go big and go bold – you are on the road and traffic moves fast. There’s time at stop lights, but you are still a moving billboard, so don’t try to put too much information on the vehicle. Company name and phone number for sure. Probably the website. Do you want to list your services? Think of a few rather than a laundry list; we don’t want small font. Can you show it in pictures?

Different types of graphics

Now that you know what information you want to put on your vehicle, you must decide how you will do that. What kind of graphics are you going to use?

  • Magnetic
    Magnetic graphics are inexpensive and if you want to take them off and put them back on regularly, they are the best option. But if you aren’t going to be taking them on and off, decals can be applied to the car for roughly the same price and give a more professional and permanent impression.
  • Decals
    Many people think decals are for windows or kids but “decals” simply means cut-out vinyl applied to vehicles that can be your company name, logo, or other graphics. These won’t harm your vehicle’s paint and can be removed in the future whenever you like (although once removed they cannot be reapplied).
  • Partial Wrap
    These graphics may go across doors and cover as much or as little of the vehicle as you like. Unlike a full wrap, however, they don’t go over the top of the car, don’t typically go on the hood of the car, and don’t typically wrap around the edges, and are therefore far less expensive because they do not require the extensive time and labor that a full wrap does.
  • Full wrap
    These wraps can be beautiful because by the time they are done, you can’t tell what color the vehicle was before you started – they literally cover every spot of paint! Full wraps are beautiful…but expensive. Full wraps are frequently $3000 and up. But for an effective advertising vehicle, many consider it money well spent.

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