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Caring for Your Vehicle Graphics

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caring for vechile graphics

There are two types of people in this world. The first type cleans their car religiously, personally scrubbing from top to bottom every Sunday. The second type lets dust and bugs accumulate until they literally can’t see out of the windshield, forcing them to drop their car off at the car wash for its yearly bath.

Why clean?

When it comes to vehicle graphics, particularly those for a company vehicle, it’s important to clean the vehicle regularly. Just think; if a vehicle owner doesn’t care enough to keep their company vehicle looking nice, what kind of services are they going to provide? Cleaning your vehicle wrap gives your company the kind of advertising you want.

Regular cleaning will not only help the graphics look better and higher quality, but it will also help prolong the life of your vehicle wrap. This is particularly prevalent at high elevations or areas with high levels of pollution. At higher elevations, there is significantly more UV damage than there would be at sea level, simply because your car is closer to the sun. Similarly, in urban or industrial areas where levels of smog and pollutants are dramatically higher, smog particles can buildup on and under the vehicle wrap, reducing the durability and lifespan of your vehicle wrap.

How to clean?

The absolute best way to clean your vehicle wrap is the old fashioned way; break out that water bucket and soft sponge, and get to scrubbing. If this isn’t an option, a car wash with just a spray will do the trick, but avoid automatic washes that use brushes or scrubbers, because they can get caught under the decal and pull up the edges or scratch the vinyl.

For hand cleaning, stick to detergent products that are free from strong alcohols or solvent materials – your basic soap will do. No matter which cleaning method you choose, be sure to treat your vehicle wrap gently so as to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Another option is to use waterless washes to clean your vehicle. This sort of wash helps maintain the shine and quality of any vehicle wrap or graphic. The only downside is that waterless washes don’t work if the vehicle is more than mildly dirty. If your vehicle wrap has large amounts of dirt buildup, wash by hand or rinse first, then use the waterless wash for the finishing touches.

Tip: When trying a waterless wash for the first time, test it out on a small patch of the vehicle wrap that isn’t easily seen to ensure that works well with the material.


At the risk of being repetitive, don’t scrub or scrape your vehicle with any harsh chemicals or hard materials. This is the best way to damage your vehicle wrap.

Avoid excessive pressure.


While it’s usually okay to wax your vehicle wrap, waxing matte wraps or graphics can cause shiny spots that ruin the texture. Instead, use a waterless wash specifically designed for matte finish, a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol, or a hot soap and water.

Regardless of which cleaning method you choose, the results are generally better when cleaning in a shaded area rather than in the sun, simply to avoid streaks.

Contact us for more information about your vehicle wrap care, or to place an order!