Signage for Churches

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of our business here at Signs of Success comes from churches and church groups. Of course, we can make and install all types of different signage for all types of different customers. Retail stores, business offices, plaques and awards, and various engravings; we do it all! But a lot of what we do is for churches. So if you’re involved with a church, whether that be as a minister, priest, or devoted parishioner, here are some ways that Sign of Success can help you and your church.


A lot of churches help to organize and host a lot of activities. Fairs, charity drives, family fun days, meet-the-new-parishioners events, all sorts of different activities. And a lot of these activities can benefit from great signage. Think about it; the possibilities are near endless.

One request we get from a lot of churches is a banner of some type. Banners are great to put up on church property or in a park to announce your event. Whether it be, “Meet the New Reverend” or “St. Andrew’s Annual Fall Fair”, Signs of Success can get you a full color banner that’s exactly the size that you need.

We also offer banner stands, so you are not dependent upon two good sized trees being exactly the right distance from one another. Banner stands allow you to put your banner sign anywhere. Types of banner stands and displays that we offer include:

  • Retractable Displays – lightweight stands that are easy to transport and set up. Apart from church events, they’re also great for trade shows, conferences, and presentations.
  • Non-Retractable Banner Stands – a little more economical than the retractable stands, but they are also just a little less convenient to put up and take down.
  • Outdoor Banner Stands – durable systems that can withstand most weather conditions and come in a wide range of sizes.
  • Feather flags – another way of getting a colorful message out that has the distinction of moving in the breeze, grabbing more customer attention. Great for outside retail locations, concerts, events and trade shows, as well as, of course, your big church event.

Other types of church signage

But it’s not all banners for outdoor events for churches. There are lots of different types of signs that we can supply to churches. Many churches want foam boards to talk about their upcoming activities as well as other informational signage. We have also done complete refacing and updating to modernize older church signage as well as new church signage and directional signage (pointing people in the right direction for various facilities) for churches.

Not just churches

At Signs of Success we are happy to help your church or church group with any signage that you and they may need. But of course, we don’t just provide signs for churches. We’re happy to work with all types of different places of worship. As well as, of course, secular community groups and businesses. When it comes to signage, you are really only limited by your imagination. We can provide you with a sign for every occasion.

Signs of Success

If you would like to get a banner, foam board, or any other type of sign for your place of worship, community center, or business, please contact us today!

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