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Creating dimensional signs with layers

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Creating dimensional signs with layers

Winter in Texas is possibly the most frustrating time of the year when it comes to weather. Do you dress for the 65 degree weather at 7 am when you’re leaving your house? Or the balmy 90 degrees you’ll be met with when you’re taking your lunch break? If there’s anything that this moody Texas weather has taught us, it’s that layers are your best friend!

However, this is one thing that most people rarely consider when creating their sign design.  Although signs with one layer can be just as effective, sometimes all that your design needs is a little dimension to really make it pop!  So Houstonians, next time you’re designing a designing a sign, be sure to consider the possibility of layering different elements to take your design to the next level and reach its full potential.

But why?

  • Bring your design to life. Creating a three dimensional look breathes life into your design and allows your signage to interact with the area around it.
  • Make important information jump off the page. If you’re creating a large sign with lots of information, adding layers can help highlight certain aspects of information or emphasize important graphics.
  • Combine styles. Utilizing layers allows you to play with your signs aesthetic by combining different materials, textures, and colors. 

While there’s no doubt signs printed in 2D can be produced to give a high quality appearance, dimensional signs give the impression of being much more sophisticated and really bring life to your signage.

Contact us to get started with your three dimensional signage and breath life in to your lobby signs, office signs, or even ADA signage.