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Different Designs for Different Forms of Signage

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Different Designs for Different Forms of Signage

Do you love your banner design so much that you just want to show it off as much as possible? Or maybe your business card layout is so perfect, it can’t get any better. Have a small print ad that really showcases who you are as a company?

No matter how flawless one form of media is, or how attached you are to a design, avoid the urge to simply recycle one layout for all forms of media. Just because a design is perfect for one form of signage, doesn’t mean that it will be for another – each design should be specially tailored to fit the mode of advertisement, the audience, and a variety of other details.

By all means, you don’t need to stress yourself out trying to create completely unique designs for each form of signage – it’s okay to stick to a general theme or style of design as long as the details and layout are tweaked to fit the situation.


By this, we mean the most basic form of storefront signage – the generally large sign located above your front door or outside your office that indicates who and where you are. Generally, these forms of signage manifest themselves in the form of monument signs or channel letters. Seeing a trend here? Both of these types of signage are large, relatively simple designs. If they include any graphics, it is generally nothing more than a logo or small design.

Storefront signage is one of the few forms of signage where simplification goes to extremes. Monument signs and channel letters are simply meant to tell people where your store is, so keep it short and sweet and save all the other fun, frilly designs for other forms of media…

Window Graphics:

This form of storefront graphics is a whole different beast. Window graphics offer the opportunity to transform your storefront from drab to fab and set yourself apart from surrounding buildings.

When it comes to window graphics, there are really no rules to what should be included.   A colorful graphic can add color and personality to your business’s appearance, a simple design can provide shade and privacy, or perhaps colorful promotions can advertise sales or store specials. The options for window graphics are virtually endless – this is truly the place to let your creativity fly.

The one commonality of almost all storefront window graphics is something giving customers information about who to contact with questions, what hours your store is open, and any other vital information.

Large Ads:

Large ads include anything from banners to billboards. While you want to include important information such as who you are and how to contact and find you, it’s generally best to keep wordy information to a minimum. Instead, utilize eye catching graphics or pictures to make the most out of your large-scale signage.

Business Cards:

While contact information is important on nearly all forms of advertising, it should really be the centerpiece of business cards. One mistake that people make all too often is creating an appealing card, but hiding their contact information in small print on the bottom or back of a business card. While graphics and designs are good here, don’t sacrifice the important information (contact info) for them.

Small Print Ads:

These can be anything from a page in a magazine to flyers to yard signs. Whatever it is, a small print ad is where it’s okay to get wordy and really go in to detail about what it is that you do, your history, who you are as a company, or whatever else your heart desires. Again, there is a fine balance of graphics and words, but in this case, it’s okay (even encouraged) to fill the space with words about yourself.

Vehicle Graphics:

When it comes to vehicle graphics, our motto is go big or go home. The purpose of vehicle graphics is to grab people’s attention on bustling streets or flying down the highway. The best way to do that? Covering your vehicle from bumper to bumper in bright, attractive wraps that can’t be missed are a phenomenal way to showcase your company name and information. Not only is this the most effective form of vehicle wraps, it’s also one of the most effective forms of signage that exists.

However, if driving around in a neon advertisement isn’t your style, don’t completely write off vehicle graphics. Keeping it simple with nothing but your company name, logo, and information still helps spread your name around town better than virtually any form of signage, and broadens your audience significantly.

Like we said before, having a consistent “brand”, or a theme of certain colors or design elements is a great start for creating a variety of forms of signage – just be sure to tailor each form of signage to ensure it includes the relevant details rather than simply reusing old material.

Contact us today to get started on customizing your design for anything from business cards to banners to vehicle graphics!