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For most people, signs are purely functional. Utilitarian, perfunctory, and to the point, sings are perceived by some to merely convey the information written on them in text, and nothing else. For exit and washroom signs, maybe you can see this point of view. Surely, no business lived or died based on the quality of their restroom sign.

Maybe so, but think of the sign in front of the shop. Would you just sloppily paint your business’s name on your storefront? Probably not. Because you know, on an intrinsic level, that, surely, the quality of your sign reflects on the quality of your business. But are there statistics to back this up? Just how much does sign quality help –or hinder– drawing in prospective customers?

What does a sign tell you?

The text on a sign is one of only several things it can tell you. The font, the colors, the placement, all of these say something about your business. A sign can reinforce a formal, professional atmosphere, or a fun and cooky one. But just as important as what the sign says, and how it says it, is how well it says it. And that speaks to quality.

Data collected by the Sign Research Foundation points to the importance of sign quality. A lot of this importance stems from subconscious judgements made by shoppers. Very rarely will somebody see a high quality sign and consciously think, “Hey, that’s a well-made sign, I’ll go into this store and purchase something”. However, the average shopper’s subconscious is saying almost exactly that.

Some key figures

The following are some the key numbers revealed in the Sign Research Foundation’s report based on a four-year study:

  • 54% – More than half of all shoppers studied (54 percent) reported having driven past and failing to have found a business because the sign was too small or unclear. This problem occurred among shoppers regardless of age. If your sign is too small or not clear enough, you’re missing out on business from prospective customers both young and old.
  • 33% – A whole third of all shoppers studied reported having been drawn into unfamiliar and unknown stores and businesses based on the quality of their signs. Past studies have revealed that the 18-24 age group is more prone to this behavior, with more than half of all shoppers within that age range in agreement that high quality signs can bring them into unfamiliar shops and businesses.
  • 5% – Nearly two out of every five shoppers reported having made assumptions about the quality (or lack thereof) of a business based on whether that company had clear and attractive signs. Once again, we see that those in the 18-24 age range have been the most prone to make such inferences about the quality of a company based on its signage

For Great Signage, Contact Us

Clearly, the quality of a business’s signs matters a lot. Even more so for young people, who have yet to form shopping routines or brand loyalties. Bringing them in now could ensure lifelong customers. To get high quality signage for your business, or if you have any questions about what separates high from low quality signage, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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