Regardless of what your company is marketing, signage should be at the front and center of your product displays.  When a customer walks in to your store, they shouldn’t have to guess what it is that you’re selling; they should be able to easily and clearly understand what you have to offer and why it is that they should choose you.

Effective retail signage should incorporate designs from window signage to individual product displays that are vibrant and sure to grab the attention of passers-by.

  1. Simple color scheme.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick to one or two colors, but just make sure that the colors you choose complement other decorations within the store and reflect the image that you want to put forward.  Keeping a consistent theme to your designs creates a much smoother, more enjoyable environment.

  1. Clear message.

Although you could probably go on and on about why customers should buy your product, they don’t usually want to read an entire sales pitch.  Instead, stick to simple graphics and phrases that are concise and to the point. `

  1. Lighting.

Lighting serves several purposes when it comes to retail signage. For starters, the type of lighting that you choose can affect the overall feel of your store; whereas bright lighting feels cheery, too much LED lights can feel overdone. Similarly, while dim lighting can be taken as intimate and cozy, going too dim can make customers feel as if they are just wandering through the dark. Whatever lighting that you choose, make sure that signs are positioned in areas where they will receive optimal lighting to be seen without a glare.

  1. Set the mood for your store. 

This can be done using a combination of the elements that we’ve talked about so far. The colors, lighting, and words that you choose create a certain persona that people will relate with your store and, in turn, with your products, so have a clear target group in mind when designing these elements and create an environment that is open and appealing to them.

  1. Good wayfinding.

Although this is not always an issue, large retail stores such as JC Penny or Sears can quickly become a labyrinth of clothes and home appliances without proper wayfinding signage. Creating a simple system of wayfinding signage to point people in the right direction will prevent a lot of frustration with your store in the future and make it much more accessible.

  1. Make it personal

Creating a store that people feel comfortable in plays a huge part in their opinion of your products. To do this, start by creating an environment that is warm and welcoming. However, it doesn’t end there – when it comes to signage, using words such as “you” and “your” as well as phrases that sound like a friend speaking to another friend are much more effective for retail marketing than as if you were negotiating a deal with another company. Keep it casual and friendly and your customers will be sure to feel welcome.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started creating the perfect designs for your retail signage.



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