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Everything you need to know about vehicle graphics

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vehicle graphicsYou want to liven up your vehicle with vehicle graphics, but don’t know exactly where to start… Here’s everything you need to know about materials, design, lifespan, and care.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to get exposure for your business, small or large. Vehicle graphics are a form of advertising that increases your company’s exposure exponentially, without having to do anything but go about your day, and leaving your vehicle to do the rest. Not to mention, vehicle graphics have a much higher response rate, and can increase your business’s annual sales.

Even though it’s clear that vehicle graphics can be hugely beneficial to your company’s success, you may still have several questions about what options you have when it comes to designing and choosing your vehicle graphic, and how long you’ll actually reap the benefits for before it’s time to replace. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions about vehicle graphics; here’s everything you need to know…

What options are available for vehicle graphic materials?

With only two options for vehicle wrap materials, the choices are rather limited; you can choose either cast vinyl or calendered vinyl. Both will go on the same, and will have the same high quality appearance. The only difference? Their lifespan and where they can be applied. While cast vinyl lasts, on average, 5 years, calendered vinyl is better suited for short term use, lasting only several months to a year.

  • Cast vinyl. Cast vinyl is a high quality material that easily stretches and forms to the shape of the surface it’s being applied to, making it perfect for the odd shape of cars and trucks. Not only will cast vinyl go on well, but it also holds the shape over time, and provides a paint-like finish when covered with a clear laminate. The only down side? Cast vinyl is considerably more expensive than calendered vinyl.
  • Calendered vinyl. Calendered vinyl material is essentially the opposite of cast vinyl in the sense that it snaps back into its original shape rather than easily conforming to the surface of the car. Additionally, colors are much harder to match and be printed onto cast vinyl. However it is a much cheaper material and can be produced in mass quantities, making it perfect for box trucks or a fleet of commercial vehicles.

What methods can I use to apply my vehicle wrap?

  • Full vehicle wrap. This type of wrap is exactly what it sounds like – a vehicle wrap that fully covers the vehicles surface. You can choose a full color graphic design, or keep it simple with a one color wrap in lieu of a new paint job.
  • Half wrap. These types of vehicle graphics have the same general concept as full vehicle wraps, but simply cover the bottom half or only portions of the car, rather than a full coverage design.
  • Window graphics. Window graphics for vehicle wraps are always installed using window perf, which allows you to have a full color graphic without losing the ability to actually see out the window.
  • Vinyl lettering. This type of “wrap” is not actually a wrap at all, simply a logo or company name and information installed on the vehicle. This form of vehicle graphics is considerably cheaper than a full vehicle wrap, but still gets your name out there, and is a great form of advertising.

How long will my vehicle graphics last?

The answer to this question varies a lot depending on the type of material you use, how well you care for your vehicle wrap, and the types of conditions that your vehicle is exposed to. Typically, cast vinyl wraps can last up to 5 years, while calendered vinyl lasts up to only 1 year. Window perf window graphics can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on the quality of material that you purchase and the elements that the material is exposed to.

How should I care for my vehicle graphics?

Properly caring for your vehicle graphics is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your product, and that your wrap has a long, fruitful life span. While there’s no special treatments needed for vehicle wraps, it’s important to stay away from high pressured car washes or bristles in order to avoid accidentally scrubbing off the vinyl. Instead, hand wash your vehicle with soap and water.

Now that you know the basics about vehicle graphics, you can get to work creating a design of your very own!

For more information about vehicle graphics, or to place an order, contact us.