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Floor graphics and wayfinding

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We’ve talked about wayfinding signs and the important role that they play in ensuring that your customers’ time spent at your company runs as smoothly as possible. But what all does that actually entail?

Typically, when people design their wayfinding systems, they think of the typical signs on doorways, walls, or hanging from ceilings. However, one valuable tool that is often overlooked is floor graphics! Built to withstand the tread of every day foot traffic, these industrial grade vinyl signs hold up against the test of time, making them a valuable asset to your wayfinding system.

With graphics covering the floors, even customers who are looking down won’t miss out on any important directions, and can easily be directed to deals, departments, or even specific items.

One of the most common uses for this type of wayfinding signage is in large warehouses or grocery stores where a great number of people are trying to navigate a large space in search of very specific products. To make an environment that can sometimes feel overwhelming or impossible to understand much more manageable, start with broad generalizations such as “deli”, “frozen foods” and “dairy”.  Once customers get to that specific section, you can integrate other forms of wayfinding to signal what it is they’re looking for.

This simple use of what is generally forgotten space not only makes for a smoother, more enjoyable experience for your customers, but also helps brighten up otherwise dull environments with bright pops of color and eye-catching graphics or designs.


What are you waiting for? Don’t lose another customer who’s become lost and confused without wayfinding signage to find their way. Contact us today to add floor graphics to your wayfinding package!