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Football Season is Here! Show Some Spirit with your Signage

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Football Season is Here! Show Some Spirit with your Signage

Fall is here, and with it comes the most anticipated time of the year: football season! Fans will begin to break out their favorite jerseys and lucky socks, and forget about making plans on a Sunday, as its practically a weekly holiday reserved solely for football watching. Whether you’re a fan of an NFL team, your college alma mater, or your kids’ high school team, signage is the perfect way to show your team spirit.

It’s all well and good to show your support for your favorite team by screaming wildly at the TV when they make a touchdown or cheering them on during overtime, but is that really enough? No! Show your favorite team some love or give a shoutout to your star player. Get creative with these four types of signage that can help you amp up your football spirit.

Life-size cutouts.

This is the most essential form of football signage – it’s fun, spirited, and never fails to grab attention.

When it comes to life-size cutouts at sporting events, there are two main options. First, a full sized cutout, which can be set up using a simple stand attached to the back. The other option is more of a “travel sized” cutout, which is extremely popular at actual sporting events because they are more lightweight and can be attached to a wooden stick, allowing you to hold your favorite players face or team logo above the crowd.

Vehicle stickers and decals.

Let everyone around town know who it is that you’ll be cheering for.  Window decals are a great way to add some spirit to the back of your vehicle – and they look great too!


Posters are the oldest, most basic form of fan art – they’re affordable, classic, and can be added to virtually any room. In addition to their versatility, posters can be printed in high quality and with virtually any color imaginable, making them a sleek and easily customizable form of football signage.

Yard signs.

The use for yard signs is virtually endless; whether you want to proudly display your child’s sport in the front yard or represent your favorite football team, yard signs are a cost-effective form of showing pride, and can be created using a simple and affordable design, or can be enhanced to create a more sophisticated, high quality yard sign.

Whoever it is that you’re rooting for this football season, be sure to show your support on your car, in your yard, and wherever you go!

Give us a call for a free estimate, and to get started on your football signage!