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Funniest Signs of All Time

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Creating a design that’s going to grab people’s attention and keep them interested is a sort of art form. These sign owners opted for humor to catch their customers attention; and catch their attention it did!

Check out some sign owners who really know how to get some chuckles.

This person who was a big fan of the Supremes


Who can blame them? It’s a classic.

This clever squirrel pun.


This store that offers a complimentary ride!

How nice of them.


This loving animal owner.

They’re only concerned for the well being of the animals.


This flower company that just gets it.

They clearly know their customer base.


This whole state that wasn’t a fan of George W. Bush.

Can you tell that Connecticut is a liberal state?


This very specific regulation.

Thank you, that clears everything up.


This company who’s dedicated to their customer service.

image8What a great guarantee.

This black market.

Aren’t those sorts of things usually supposed to be kept on the down low?



This Chinese restaurant who’s tired of people asking too many questions.

Let’s hope it’s just a coincidence that cats mysteriously disappear around here.


This owner who’s just a little indecisive about the rules




This sewage truck who’s making the most out of a stinky situation.

We see what you did there.


 This special that’s really not so special.

You think you’re sneaky, huh?


This company that really knows how to make a statement.


Have a funny sign idea of your own? Contact us to get it made!