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Getting a sign permit in the City of Houston

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Nearly anywhere that you choose to live these days, home owners associations will play a role in what sort of home you make for yourself. What colors of paint you can use, what you can display in your front yard, what can be seen from the street, even whether or not your children can use chalk on the driveway. While it may be frustrating for some, it is a necessary step to prevent the trash from piling up in the front lawn or crude images from being portrayed to the community.


When it comes to running a business, signage is no different.  The city of Houston requires anyone hoping to erect a new billboard or a storefront sign to visit the Houston Permitting Center in order to receive permission to set up their sign.


So the big question is, what needs to be done in order to obtain a sign permit, and what requirements does your business need to meet?


Fill out an application online.


Know does and doesn’t require a permit.


  • Outdoor display signs
  • any means of advertising or identifying a business, activity, or service
  • banners larger than 40 square feet in area.



  • Indoor signs (unless they’re electrical)
  • A temporary ground sign less than 40 square feet in area that contains information about….
    • a structure under repair
    • the sale or rental of the premises
  • A temporary banner less than 40 square feet in area
  • Signs painted on glass surfaces, doors, or windows
  • Government signs; this includes signs erected by school districted, counties, the State of Texas, or the federal government but does NOT include signs put up by the City
  • Railroad signs
  • Legal notices
  • House numbers
  • Directional signs less than 6 square feet in area
  • Signs on vehicles not used for advertising
  • Signs less than 200 square feet in area that are painted on the building.
  • Light, standard decorations


No more than 5 signs.

The City requires that businesses may have no more than 5 signs which require a permit to be on their premises. This can be any combination of ground/pole signs and building/wall signs.


Keep it on your property

Not too complicated – but you’d be amazed how many people miss this simple step!


Don’t forget to renew!

The city of Houston requires that each permit must be renewed every 2 years. Specifically, you must renew it within the time period of 30 days before to 60 days prior of the conclusion of the 3 year period