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How Do Building Wraps Work?

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How Do Building Wraps Work?

Have you heard of a wrap before? No, not like a falafel or a burrito, a different kind of wrap. No, not wrapping paper, but you’re kind of close. No, definitely not “rapping”, either. Please stop singing “Rapper’s Delight”. Please. Thank you. No, we’re talking about wraps as they apply to signage. “A wrap as a sign”, you ask, “What is that?”. Lucky for you, this article is designed to answer that question.

Wrapping Signage

Perhaps the type of wrap signage with which you are most familiar is a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap appears most often (but not only) on vans. You might seem them on a plumber’s van, a painter’s truck, or perhaps a house cleaning service’s vehicle. It’s a sign meant to advertise the business and it usually wraps around the vehicle (hence the name). The wrap can include text, graphics, colors, borders, and often some combination of all of these. It can be a very efficient form of marketing because, if you have to drive around all day for work, you might as well spend that time advertising. After the initial installation cost, it’s free advertising. And what business wouldn’t want that?

Building Wraps

Building wraps work in the same manner. If you own the building in which you run your business or if you’re otherwise permitted to alter it’sexterior, a building wrap is a really inexpensive form of advertising. You don’t need to pay for a billboard ad or a radio or television commercial. If you have that space, why not use it? A building wrap works in two different ways. One, it works as a demarcation, a signpost if you will, as to where your business is. That way, when somebody is looking for your business, they know right away they’ve found you because of the building wrap.

The second way in which a building wrap works is by advertising to passers-by. These people are not looking for your business, but when they walk or drive past it, they will notice your business. This is likely to stick in their head and the next time they want or need whatever it is that your business provides, they are likely to think of you. Anything you can do to stand out in the world of business is a good thing and building wraps are a relatively cheap and easy way to stand out.

How Building Wraps Work

A building wrap can be pretty much anything you want it to be. It can be huge, colorful, fun, whacky, and vibrant. Or it can be understated, simple, professional, and sophisticated. You are really only limited by how much space with which you have to work and your imagination. Building wraps are often made of vinyl and they have to be made to withstand the elements. This is crucial. You don’t want to cheap out and hire some disreputable sign company who will do a slapdash job. Imagine your building wrap deteriorating or falling apart after a week. How will that reflect on your business? That is why you need a dependable, trustworthy, and professional signage company to install a high quality and brilliant building wrap.

Signs of Success

Signs of Success has been installing building wraps and other high quality signage in the Houston area for years. To learn more about building wraps, please contact us today.