Conference Signage Tips

Conferences can be really nerve racking. Even if you’re just an attendee, you have to know when and where you have to be for each presentation or meeting. And if you’re speaking, it’s even worse. You’re probably so focused on the speech you have to deliver that you don’t spend much time researching how to get to the room in which you need to be.

Now imagine if you’re in charge of setting up and running a conference. It can make you a nervy, worried, tired wreck. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have the little things sorted out before the conference begins. And one key way to make sure that everything runs smoothly is by using effective signage.

Conference signage

If you’re setting up, running, or in some way administering a conference, you will need to promote the various different events, lectures, and meetings you have going on. In addition to promotion, you need to make sure that all the participants involved can find their way to the different sessions. But then…well, conferences can really expensive to put on. You definitely want to keep costs down. But can you do that while still putting up a number of high grade, professional signs?

First, let’s prioritize the functions of your signage. The most important thing is to help people find their way to the various sessions and events. People need to know where they’re going. If they don’t get there, your conference is doomed before it can really start. So focus on the information people need in order to get where they’re going. The key facts are, just as in newspaper reporting, ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘when’ (hopefully you’ve already answered the ‘why’ as the participants are already at the conference). For example, “John Smith Presenting Innovations in Sign Technology in the TradeWinds Room, Wednesday 2-4 PM”. Straightforward and to the point; there’s not confusing that. 

Create a mood

While the basic information is your top priority, it isn’t the only thing you can do with conference signage. Are you looking for a fun feel? You can use colorful lettering or backgrounds, playful font, or even make the content a bit jovial. Are you focussed on safety? Your signs should he clear, bold, and formal. Whatever mood or atmosphere you want to create, your signage should reflect the purpose of the conference.


But then we go back to that earlier question. Can you really afford to invest in professional, stand out, mood-creating, information-imparting signage? Well, with Signs of Success you can. We offer top grade signage at affordable rates. And you really should think of it as an investment. Don’t just put up one sign directing people to the TradeWinds Room if you think you could use three. There is so much going on and running around at conferences, you don’t want to be worried about your signs. And with enough signs in the right places, you can prevent people from getting lost and being late, and this can help alleviate everybody’s nerves. So while it seems like a small thing at the outset, your conference signage can really go a long way to ensuring the conference is successful.

Signs of Success

If you would like to get great conference signage, please contact us today!

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