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How to Get Creative with Lobby & Office Reception Signs

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How to Get Creative with Lobby and Office Reception Signs

Generally speaking, lobbies or office reception areas are not the most exciting places in the world. Especially if you work in said office or have to visit it often. Offices can be quite sterile, unimaginative, and, well, boring. Some offices try to buck this trend. They try to make their offices fun and eye-catching. But the danger here is that the more fun you make your office lobby, the less professional it seems. It can be a tough tightrope to walk. You want to showcase your office’s/your business’s unique qualities. You want to stand out. But you don’t want to appear weird or unprofessional. How do you do it? Well, a good start, is with your lobby and/or your office reception signs.

Office Lobby Signs

Every office needs signs. You need a sign that identifies the reception desk, a sign that points to the elevators, a sign that points to the exit, a sign that points to the staircase, a sign that demarcates the lavatories, a sign that indicates office hours, a sign that indicates a directory, etc. You might not need all of these office signs, but you will definitely need a fair few of them, and perhaps others as well. Most people don’t think about signs. They just register the content that is on the signs and then move on. Or, at least, most people don’t consciously think about signs.

Subconsciously, however, our minds can register a lot of information about office lobby signs. Consider a sign that says “Reception”. We know what the word “reception” means and we can assume this sign is on or above the reception desk. Now consider this reception sign is a small, rectangular, plastic sign that sits on the desk. In the back of our minds we will think, “cheap, temporary, ill-considered”. It suggests that somebody just went to a dollar store and got a reception desk sign. But now let’s consider that this “reception” sign is on the wall above the desk. Maybe it’s brass and is nicely mounted. This communicates permanence, care, and success.

Creative Office Lobby Signs

With office lobby signs, it’s more than just a question of cheap or expensive. Yes, you should invest a little more in your office signage because it communicates a stronger and better message to your customers, clients, and co-workers/employees. But you should also invest some time into your office lobby signs. Time and thought. Because if you can communicate success and permanence with your office lobby signs, what else can you communicate?

The first thing you want, is uniformity. You can don’t want a bunch of office lobby signs that use different fonts, different colors, different borders, and different materials. Even if each sign is well-crafted, your office will still come off as slap-dash and unprofessional if all the signs don’t match. So you definitely want uniformity, but what else can you do with office lobby signs? Well, you have a lot of options. You can choose an irregular font, you can pick an outstanding material (frosted/etched glass, stainless steel, copper, sandblasted signfoam, and more. And then you can consider using a unique type of border or shading. Your only limit is your imagination.

Signs of Success

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