How to Use Your Vehicle as an Effective Advertisement

If you run your own business, you know that every cent counts. A city like Houston, Texas, provides a tough, competitive environment and you need to squeeze every penny if you want to stay in the game. That’s why so many businesses and companies look to boost efficiency to its maximum and often they need to make cuts wherever possible. You might look at your advertising budget and wonder if it you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs will be familiar with this scenario. That is why it’s so bizarre that many people don’t realize that they have an untapped avenue for advertising already within their business: their vehicle. If you run a business that requires the use of a business vehicle, you’re driving around town in what is, essentially, a mobile billboard. But how do you maximize this advertising potential?

Magnetic vehicle signs

A magnetic vehicle sign is one of the most cost effective advertisements you can possibly utilize. Think about it: let’s say you are a plumber and you drive a van to and from clients’ homes and businesses. You probably log a lot of hours in your van, driving around and sitting in traffic. Right now, that’s just time wasted and money spent on fuel. But with a magnetic van sign, you can recoup some of that money (maybe even all of it) by advertising your company to other drivers and pedestrians. A magnetic van sign turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard that can advertise all over Houston or wherever you’re located.

Professional look

A magnetic vehicle sign also has the added benefit of making your business look more professional. It outfits your van, truck, or car and transforms it into a professional business vehicle. It gives not only your vehicle, but your entire business an air of trustworthiness and success. A truck magnetic or van magnetic offers near unlimited advertising as well as prestige for a mere one time outlay.


Having said all this, there is one thing to keep in mind. Your magnetic vehicle sign has to look good. It has to be visually striking and it also must fit the tone and messaging of your business. You want to look professional and top of the line, so you need to enlist the help of a professional and top of the line company; you need Signs of Success. We’re responsible for many of the most attractive, crisp, and stunning signs all over Houston. And we want to be responsible for your truck or van magnetic as well. For companies within all industries, for businesspeople and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, Signs of Success offers a vast array of templates, colors, and sizes that will set your vehicle and your company apart from any other business offering similar services.

Vehicle Graphics

While magnetics are the most economical, it is also possible to put vehicle graphics directly on your car or truck…often at a far lower price than you might think.  A lot of times, full vehicle wraps are mistaken for having been painted on a vehicle – but in actuality, graphics that are applied directly to a vehicle are done in an adhesive vinyl that can also be removed if you later want to sell the vehicle or just change the graphics.  And while full vehicle wraps can get more pricey, applying vehicle graphics that include your company’s name, phone number and eye-catching colors and pictures can be very inexpensive if applied just on the doors, panels or windows.

Many companies after developing a fleet of vehicles with graphics will tell you that after some time, as much as 20% of their business comes from people who see their vehicles.  So a very low investment can truly have very high returns.

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