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I Need a Reception Sign; What Do I Do Now?

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I Need a Reception Sign; What Do I Do Now

Do you need a reception sign? Are you wondering what you should do about it? It’s simple. Just go down to your local dollar store and see if they have any of those plastic triangular prism blocks that say “reception” on it. If yes, then great! Get one of those. If not, I guess just write “reception” on a piece of paper and duct tape it to the reception desk or door. There, done. That’s just what you wanted, wasn’t it? No?


No, of course not. If you think a small triangular prism that says “reception” is the right way to present your business to the world, OK. That’s your decision. But consider this first: your reception is your business’s chance to make a first impression on people. It’s your business’s firm handshake, your first “Howdy, neighbor” after you’ve moved into a new home, your first date of what could be a long and fulfilling relationship. Do you really want to come off as dollar store in that instance? Do you want to be perceived as cookie-cutter? As unremarkable? As cheap? Certainly not.

Reception Signs

You want your reception to look good for the same reason you want your face to look good. You want to show the world what kind of business you’re running. You want a place where clients/customers will be impressed, comfortable, and reassured that they made the right decision by coming to you. This is true if you run a dentist’s office, a personal tax service, an escape room, anything. You want your reception to communicate something about your company. And it all starts with a sign.

There are several signs you might need in your reception apart from the one that says “reception”. You might have a directory, an hours of operation, and you may need to indicate where the restrooms, stairs, elevators, and exists are. If you do need multiple signs in your reception or lobby, you should make sure they are all uniform. Same font, same color scheme, same materials, same patterns, etc. (This obviously does not apply to the light-up, red “EXIT” signs which might be mandated by law).

Reception Sign Options

Apart from merely the text on these signs, what options do you have? What else can you do? Well, of course, you can put your company logo somewhere, should you have one. That’s always wise. If your business has a color scheme, you should incorporate that, too. And it never hurts to user borders or decorative symbols to stand out, just don’t make it too busy.

In terms of materials and the physical signs themselves. You also have plenty have options. Signs of Success has helped numerous businesses in the Houston area with their reception signs. Some examples of what we can provide include:

To view samples of our past work, we invite you to visit our Gallery! 

Signs of Success

To learn more about reception signs and your reception sign options with Signs of Success, please contact us today.