Exterior Signage

Just how important is exterior signage? I mean, of course, it’s important to have a sign out front that tells people where and what your business is. But beyond that, do the particulars matter? Does it really matter what it looks like? If it’s exactly the right size? If the color patterns are good? If it’s look is synergetic with the rest of the business? Do these things make a big difference. Is your exterior signage important?

Exterior signage

Think about exterior signage. What do you think about? The famous Golden Arches of a McDonald’s sign by a freeway? The Colonel’s smiling visage outside a KFC restaurant? The recognizable logo of Bank of America on the façade of a bank branch? These are all undoubtedly important. They instantly tell passersby exactly what is inside these buildings; we know what to expect. But these are also the world famous logos of world famous brands. What about smaller businesses?

Well, think of where you live, whether that be Houston or wherever. What are some of the businesses you frequent? Chances are, your regular restaurants, grocery stores, and home goods stores all have identifiable signs out front. And while these are obviously important for finding these businesses, the signs also say a lot about the businesses themselves.

The Sign Research Foundation

The Sign Research Foundation dedicates their time and resources to studying and discovering what makes signs great, and what makes them ineffective. What people notice and like about signs, and what they don’t. And they have churned up some very interesting numbers with regards to the importance of exterior signage. Let us look at the some of the answers to survey questions they provided to the general public:

    • “One of the first things I notice about a new or unfamiliar business is the signage outside its building.”

75.2% agree
20.4% neutral
4.5% disagree

    • “In addition to identifying a business, signs can convey the personality or character of the business.”

7% agree
11.9% neutral
2.4% disagree

    • “The letters on signs should be large enough for passing motorists to read at a glance.”

90.9% agree
8.4% neutral
0.7% disagree

And then we have the conclusion to which the Sign Research Foundation came after examining the results of their survey and other data. They concluded that signage has the following effects:

  • Signage drives traffic
  • Signage creates first impressions
  • Signage implies quality
  • Signageconveys personality
  • Signage must be easily legible
  • Signage can cause loss of business and consumer frustration when it is too small / illegible 


So the answer? Is my exterior signage important? Yes. Your exterior signage is very important. It not only identifies the location of your business to potential customers, it tells them a lot about your business. It is often potential customers’ first impression of your business. And a high quality sign implies a high quality business. And you can also convey the personality of your business to customers with your sign. But don’t get so wrapped up in this messaging that you make your sign difficult to read. Signs must be readily legible in order to drive any traffic to your front door.

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