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Is your sign vintage or out of date?

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Is your sign vintage or out of date

As material properties grow older and begin to get worn down, our first instinct is generally to throw them in the trash and replace them with something shiny and new. However, don’t be too quick to pass up on something just because it’s dated – some of the greatest designs are vintage or at the very least, vintage inspired. There’s something about a vintage theme that brings back memories of the good old days, evoking feelings of nostalgia and warmth. However, when it comes to signage (and really anything in life), there’s a fine line between vintage and just plain… well… old.

If you’re not sure whether your sign will create the appealing ambiance of memory lane or have customers cringing at something that is worn down and out of style, ask yourself these questions….

When was the sign created?

If it was only created within the last 10 to 20 years, chances are it’s not vintage. It’s either simple and timeless or outdated – but not vintage. While most signage, especially outdoor signage, may need to be replaced in this time frame regardless, even signage in good condition could be in need of replacement with something more in tune with the current trends.

Does it have some sort of historical significance?

Using the original signage for a business that’s been around for years can be, for lack of a better word, cool. If your business is well known throughout the community, or has become iconic, such as the sign welcoming visitors to Las Vegas, or the Public Market channel letters towering over Seattle’s skyline, it may actually be detrimental to change it. Keeping the iconic logo that defines your company can not only be cool, but it gives customers a familiar face, so to speak, that makes people feel comfortable doing business with you.

Is your sign attractive?

Just because your sign has been around for 50 years, and has seen the rise of your company’s success, or become a symbol of your business, doesn’t mean that it’s not in need of replacing. Remember – just because there’s history, doesn’t make it advantageous to keep a sign that’s covered in rust or crumbling before your eyes. If this is the case, it’s still possible to keep the same iconic imagery, but may be better to use a cleaner, polished replica than the true original.

Aside from the general aesthetic of the sign, there are certain styles that go out of style only to come back into style decades later. Take leg warmers for example; the once popular accessories of the 80’s are now popping up again in fashion. If you find this sort of cycle in design, it may be time to break out the old vintage letters!

Is your sign offensive?

While vintage signs are great at evoking memories of the past, you don’t want those memories to include anything offensive – while racism, segregation, or most forms of propaganda were once abundant, they have no place in our modern signage, and are better to be avoided.

Does your sign still apply to your business?

Just because a sign is in great condition, has been at the business since the day it was born, and doesn’t send anyone running for the hills, doesn’t mean that it’s automatically a great addition to your business. Ask yourself, “Does this sign actually enhance the image of my business?” If the ambiance of your company has completely changed over the years, its most likely time for your signage to change along with it.

Just because your sign isn’t old doesn’t mean that you should avoid rebranding your logo every now and then. While it may be tempting to resist change, especially when things are going well, rebranding has created some of the most recognizable logos from Apple to Coca Cola to Starbucks. The evolution of logos is a popular and natural phenomenon that can benefit companies of every kind!

Determined that your sign is just plain old? Contact us to get started creating a bright, shiny, and new sign for your business!