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It’s The Little Things That Matter: Make Your Business Big With Well-Designed Business Cards

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It’s The Little Things That Matter: Make Your Business Big With Well-Designed Business Cards

One of the most underrated tools in marketing is the business card. While more grand-scheme strategies such as radio and television ads are typically the first line of attack when it comes to getting your name out there, they are by no means the only way of doing so. In fact, many businesspeople, particularly older folk and people from other countries, consider exchanging business cards an honor and a privilege.

So what is it that makes such a little design such a big deal?

Business cards allow you to make a personal connection.

Something about handing a total stranger a piece of paper with your name and personal information on it makes your company appear more approachable. This personal connection often elevates you above a similar business that is solely advertised on large media channels.

Present a good image.

Everything from the material to the colors to the font that you use speaks to the character and quality of your company. While cheap, paper business cards are often appealing for their low expense, they often fall apart quickly and tear easily in purses and wallets. Consider spending the extra couple bucks and getting a quality material and design that will reflect how you want your customers to see you.

Quickly communicate what your company is about.

In just a couple quick phrases and a simple design, you can portray the essence of your company and communicate what it is that you do, and more importantly, how you do it. Everything from color to design demonstrates the personality of your company, whether it be playful or serious, and lets people know what it is that you’re all about.

Spread your name.

This should go without being said, as it’s quite literally the function of a business card. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning because people often underestimate how well business cards actually get the job done. Simply by handing them out to people you meet or when business comes up in conversation, you exponentially increase the chances of people remembering who you are. By having an actual physical and visual representation of your company, people’s brains are much more likely to remember who you are and what you do, and in turn, are much more likely to come to you when they need your services.

Lacking business cards in your marketing tool box? Contact us to get a design set up and bring you one step closer to making your business big with business cards.