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Life-size Cutouts for a Bigger Than Life Impact!

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life-size cut outs

Life sized cutouts never disappoint. They can be informational or fun and exciting; either way, they’re sure to liven up you space and create a fun dynamic. But cutouts aren’t just for sitting around. Check out some creative ways to use your cutout to liven up your business event and boost your image.


  1. Create a goofy photo-op with cut out faces. You know what we’re talking about – the faceless bodies that let you transform in to a muscle man that puts even the Rock to shame! Become a Disney princess for a moment; or turn yourself and your friends into the Avengers. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, if there’s a star of the show, these are sure to be a hit!
  2. Use it as part of a set design. Designing a theater set can be a difficult task, especially on a budget – but it doesn’t have to be. Cutouts offer a cheap alternative to expensive props without sacrificing the polished look that every designer strives for – they’re perfect for adding detail to a background or creating the scenery you need.
  3. Create a window display. Bring your store front to life with life sized cutouts that offer a cute and creative alternative to mannequins. The best part? There’s no limit to how you can design your cutout. Unlike traditional mannequins, you don’t have to stick to basic poses and expressionless faces. Instead, you can use characters from your favorite movies, animals, or even custom designed.
  4. Amp up your trade show exhibit. Trade shows are a sea of signs and informational packets. Stand out from the crowd with a cutout that’s sure to grab people’s attention. Pair your cutout with a banner stand and your trade show booth will be sure to wow.
  5. Incorporate them in to your point of purchase display. Point of purchase displays are designed to grab your customers attention and increase sure to check out what makes an effective point of purchase display to make the most out of your design.
  6. Create a grand entrance. Whether you simply want to welcome guests to your store or create a grand entrance to your event, cutouts are the way to go. For parties, office events, or dances, themed cutouts can transform your regular office space in to a stylish venue.
  7. Put your best face forward. Or at least your biggest. One extremely popular way to show support at sporting events is to cheer on your star athlete with a giant cut out of their face! As weird as it may seem to have a four foot poster of your favorite athlete’s face, it’s sure to stand out in a crowd of thousands, and there will be no doubt about who you’re rooting for. If that seems a little over the top, you can stick to a true-to-size cut out of your favorite celebrities or characters that are perfect for party games.
  8. Transform your kids’ play area. You can give your kids the perfect place to let their imagination run wild with mountains, an enchanted forest, a ranch, or even a princess castle.