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Make Your Professional Space More Approachable With Signage

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Make Your Professional Space More Approachable With Signage

The idea of being “professional” is generally associated with individuals or businesses that have extensive knowledge in a particular field, and most importantly, conduct themselves in a manner that expresses ”a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace”. However, simply conducting yourself in a professional manner doesn’t ensure that customers will return for your services; if people don’t feel welcome, they are most likely not going to become repeat customers, regardless of how well you perform your services.

Many businesses struggle with creating the right impression, trying to find the balance between professional and approachable, and often giving up one for the other. However, these two characteristics don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With the right signage, it’s possible to maintain a professional attitude while creating an environment that makes customers feel welcome…

  1. Use wayfinding signage to give easy access.

Greeting customers with confusing or non-existent directions creates a frustrating experience for everyone involved and sets the wrong tone for the rest of their visit.  Instead, create a safe, welcoming environment by utilizing well-designed wayfinding signage to greet your customers.

  1. Add some color to your design.

Using colors aside from the traditional black and white can take your design from bleak to welcoming in a heartbeat. Additionally, incorporating warm colors and effective color combinations can create an approachable or even homey environment that customers enjoy (and are much more likely to return to than areas that resemble the stark white walls of a hospital or the bleak greys of prisons).

  1. Use graphics with positive associations.

With a little touch of graphics, it’s possible to turn nearly any room in to a welcoming environment. Whether it be pictures of peaceful environments or more subtle images that we subconsciously associate with positive feelings, the graphics you choose can shape how customers view your business!

Contact us today to get started transforming your professional space into an approachable, welcoming space!