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Point of Purchase Signs

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Point of Purchase Signs

How Point of Purchase Signs can increase customer appeal and sell your products faster!

It’s happened to all of us. We go to the store, only to come home with a bag full of items we didn’t plan on buying. More than likely, a Point of Purchase sign was involved- it pulled you in with its eye-catching colors, pictures, and information about why you needed this particular product.

The purpose of a Point of Purchase sign is to inform consumers about your product, and persuade them to buy it. These signs are an incredibly effective tool that fuel impulse buying, especially when used in high traffic areas of a store. Why should you use POP signs, you ask? Here are a few great reasons!


They grab a customer’s attention.

A well placed POP sign can pull a customer over to a display from across the room. The colors, pictures, and font play a big role in getting a customer’s attention!


They educate a consumer about a product.

When a customer first sees a POP sign, it will get their attention- but it also has to tell them the benefits of a product! Once they’re hooked, reel them in with the reasons they need to have this product in their lives.


They can provoke an emotional response.

Let’s face it, impulse buying is ruled by emotions. If a POP sign is used correctly, it can cause a customer to feel an emotional connection to a product. This is usually done by giving them something they can relate to. If a customer has an emotional reaction, this could help build brand loyalty as well!


All in all, Point of Purchase signs can be a great tool to help your business succeed!  Contact Signs of Success to help you increase both your impulse sales…and overall sales!