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Post and Panel Signs

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post and panel signs

Post and panel signs are one of the most popular, most applicable forms of exterior signage, as they are extremely versatile in terms of application, offer economical options, and can be used for nearly every industry. Whether you’re looking for wayfinding and directional signage, church signs, school signs, or real estate signs, post and panel signs are always a good option to ensure quality, and be customized to fit your price range, design, and other needs.

For starters, post and panel sign is exactly what it sounds like: a panel supported by one or more posts. The complexities of post and panel signs come in to effect when considering the materials, the design or paint, and how you’re going to mount your post and panel sign.

The design of post and panel signs is very similar to designing any other type of sign: use complimentary colors, keep the design simple, use readable fonts, and make sure that your sign will be readable from where customers will be viewing it.

So what materials[1] can be used to make a post and panel sign?

The simple answer is wood, PVC, aluminum, or MDO. While all of these materials will last well outside, they vary greatly and will have different costs, care requirements, and lifespans…

  • Wood – Wood is very inexpensive and easy to modify to your design, but it has one of the shortest lifetimes of outdoor sign materials, lasting only 5-7 years before you’re able to see signs of wear. Additionally, the costs are about the same as PVC signs, making it not as good of a choice if you’re looking for a long term sign.
  • MDO – Much like wood, MDO does not weather well, but it has a smooth surface that is easy to paint.
  • PVC – PVC and aluminum have about the same lifespan, but PVC costs about half as much by itself. The only downside is that most PVC signs will require additional framing to prevent them warping easily in extreme heat (an abundant resource in Houston, Texas).
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is the most costly material for post and panel signs, but it also the most durable. The paint that is usually used on aluminum signage has a lifespan of 10 years, but the aluminum can be repainted many times after that, making it a good long term investment.

Tip: Making a post and panel sign with PVC posts and an aluminum face gives you the best of both worlds – it’s much cheaper than a full aluminum sign, but doesn’t require framing or run the risk of warping in the heat.

How can you mount your post and panel sign?

The main thing to consider when mounting your post and panel sign is what it will take to support the sign and keep the sign in the ground. The first segment of this, is the signs configuration, which has several options…

  • Single post
  • Double Post
  • Flag mounted
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Wall mounted

The second part of mounting that you should consider is how you want to mount your post to your panel. Typically, there are three main methods: mechanical fasteners, glue, and welds.

  • Mechanical fasteners: These are probably the most common form of mounting, with reliable strength and good durability. The only downside is that there is not a “seamless” appearance and the fasteners can corrode over time.
  • Glue: While glue gives your post and panel attachment a seamless appearance, there is a much greater chance of it becoming detached.
  • Welds: Welding your sign creates a seamless appearance, but can only be done with full aluminum signs, and requires much more advanced skills and equipment.

Bonus: Transform your post and panel sign into an illuminated sign with incandescent or LED lights and give yourself 24/7 coverage.

No matter what industry you’re in, what design you want, or whether you want a short or long term sign, post and panel signs are a good fit to create a professional look and create a lasting impression.

For more information about post and panel signs, or to place an order, contact us.