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Safety Signs – How it Makes you a Better Employer

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Safety Signs - How it Makes you a Better Employer

Safety signs are mandatory for businesses that carry any kind of hazard for its workers and public alike. However, it’s always good to have basic safety signs to ensure your business environment for your employees (and customers) is safe and secure.

These signs are an effective way to caution people of possible risks and/or hazards in and around a business space. Safety Signs also draft out the basic guidelines, your employees should know about to ensure their own safety.

So the first question you should ask is, Where should such signs be used?

Safety signs should be used in the following cases:

Any place with a risk of serious injury. For instance, a precarious staircase or a sharp bend that people need to be aware of.

Businesses that are hazardous need to be careful with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) signage. If there’s high level of noise, then here has to be hearing protection sign for noise exposure.

In case of construction businesses, there are several cases where employees are often faced with not so obvious risks such as exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Such risks are more common than you would like to think owing to the growing demand in electricity and advancement in technology. You need to be careful about putting up signs that will make your workers aware of such risks.

Places in which heavy vehicles such as mobile cranes, forklifts, etc. are common. You do not want people to run into them because you did not warn them!

Employees working in industries that dabble in highly flammable or toxic materials need to always have safety signs in place to make sure employees are always aware of the surroundings they are working in.

Lastly, if your business has recently seen asbestos being recently removed, you need to put up safety signs. Not only is asbestos flammable but its particles can also cause the dreaded asbestosis which can be quite fatal.

So, here are 6 great tips to make sure your safety signs are effective and are doing their job well!

  • Use simple, clear language.
  • Make sure your signs are located in the visibleplaces.
  • Use symbols and diagrams that can easily be understood by all people in your workplace, including people who don’t speak English as a first language.
  • Use contrasting colors to make the sign stand out.
  • Make the sign clearly visible, with text large enough to be read from a distance.
  • Ensure that workers are aware of the sign and know what precautions to take.

If you are getting your safety signs right, it can also reduce your business liability. Health and safety laws specify that some signage is mandatory. Most businesses will also have standard emergency exit signs associated with building code requirements, as well as signs related to evacuation procedures.

But are they enough, or should you be using a few more?

Signs have come to serve more than one purpose today. While they might not solveall your problems, they definitely do take off a lot of pressure off your back and makes you a good employer, which is extremely important for any business to prosper.

At Signs of Success, we take special care to make your safety signs look good and help you with everything from design, graphics, installations, and your exact business needs. Book a consultation with us to know more about safety signs and how you can use them to make your business environment better for both employees and the public alike.