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Shine a light on your business with illuminated signage

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Shine a light on your business with illuminated signage

Shine a spotlight on your business with illuminated signs! Day or night, illuminated signage allows your company to be seen and attract customers. With a variety of options available, there’s no reason not to bring light and vibrancy to your indoor and outdoor signage. 

Familiarize yourself with the various options available in order to let your sign shine like it should. 

Channel Letters

Channel letters are one of the most popular signs when it comes to storefront advertising and lobby signs.  Designed using vibrant, full color acrylic, channel letters are can be illuminated in a variety of different ways that allow an attractive play of color, shadow, and lights.

The standard lighting option for channel letters is front-lit lettering, which means that the lighting is actually contained inside the letter and allowed to shine through the acrylic face. For a more dramatic look, you can opt for reverse lit, or halo lit, lettering, which allows the light to come from the back of the sign, creating a halo effect.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet sign displays are created in much the same way as channel letters. However, instead of each individual letter being cut out of acrylic, the sign is printed on one large sheet, often accommodating for more difficult fonts and designs. Additionally, cabinet signs are typically only lit with front-face lighting in order to ensure even lighting of every part of the design.

Cabinet signs can either be incorporated in monument sign design or left with the lighter design of pole cabinet signs, in which the light box is simply attached to a pole, similar to a post and panel sign design. 

Reader Boards

Reader boards are typically what you see in front of schools or perched above movie theater ticket counters – a large board that allows small acrylic letters to be slid in and out with movie names, promotions, or often funny advertising quips.  But what makes these reader boards better than their versatility and easily adaptability? Adding LED backlighting to ensure that your message is seen regardless of lighting conditions. 

Digital LED Displays

You’ve probably seen digital LED displays with words scrolling by in bright red letters.  This form of illuminated signage really belongs more in the category of digital signage, but it’s worth noting because digital displays can be built in to monument signs or coupled with post and panel signs to brightly display information that will change often without the hassle of actually reinstalling the sign every time a new promotion or sale pops up.

Contact us to get started lighting up your business with illuminated signs!