The Benefits of Custom Vehicle Graphics

If you have a business and you have a vehicle, you should probably have vehicle graphics. It just makes all the sense in the world. Every business trip you make, every drive to the grocery store, every time you pick your child up from school, every time you go to work, every time you leave your home to drive anywhere, you are advertising your business. And you don’t have to pay to rent a billboard or for a radio or television ad or anything! It’s just right there on your vehicle. And that is the key benefit to vehicle graphics.

Custom Vehicle Graphics

If you don’t have vehicle graphics on your car, you’re not using your vehicle to its full potential. It’s a free space for advertising, so you should probably use it. But what do you put there? Some kind of decal could be fine, but you’re going to want something that really stands out. Having a graphic that is similar to something that dozens of others have won’t help you much. You need your vehicle graphic to be unique. That’s why you need custom vehicle graphics. A piece of clipart of a wrench with your plumbing company’s phone number underneath it is unlikely to be very effective. You want to choose something that is unique to your company and unlike anything else people are likely to see.


If you have a fleet of vehicles, you really ought to install vehicle graphics on all your company vehicles. You want them to be attractive but also uniform, so they all have the same logo and message. Fleet graphics for corporate trucks and cars (or any other type of vehicle) will help to convey your business’s unique message and will present a consistent and professional brand image for your business.

Another thing to consider is if you want your vehicle graphics to be removable or permanent. Many people who choose to install vehicle graphics on their personal car choose to make them removable, while those who utilize a fleet often prefer the permanent option. But everybody’s needs and preferences differ. You’ll always want durable vehicle graphics, but if you want, you can also get the removeable kind which will allow you to change your graphics to suit your needs at various times or for a variety of functions and events.

There are also cut vinyl logos and letters. These vinyl graphics offer an affordable way to give all the vehicles in your fleet a uniform and professional look that stands out from other cars on the road, giving your business a valuable marketing edge.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about how vehicle graphics can best benefit your business, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. At Signs of Success, we have extensive experience producing stickers and magnetic signs that meet compliance standards for the US Department of Transportation (US DOT). You can opt to install them yourself or we can do it for you, if you prefer. Vinyl graphics and magnetic signs adhere easily to any painted surface, and we have them in a vast array of fonts, colors, and sizes.

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