The Best Overlooked Place to Install Graphics

When people think of signs or graphics for their business, they often think conventionally. Maybe a sign on the wall for a lobby or to indicate which way the exit or restrooms are. Maybe some ADA signage to assist people with disabilities or accessibility issues. Perhaps, if you’re thinking big, you might even consider installing a beautiful and vibrant wall mural. All of these are great ideas (and all of which we can do expertly and affordably here at Signs of Success) but it’s still all so conventional, so inside the box. There’s a really simple and effective place to put some graphics that many people don’t even think of, even though it’s right under their nose. Or, should I say, right under their toes?

Think big, look down

In all likelihood, there is a vast expanse of space in your business that you are not using at all. A great big surface that’s just sitting there, looking boring, doing nothing when it could be doing so much for you. A space that could be transformed into an eye-catching and impressive message to your employees and or/customers and clients. I mean, of course, your floor.

Not nearly enough businesses employ the effective (and frankly, cool) option of installing custom floor graphics. Think about it; your floor is just sitting there, not doing anything but giving you something to stand on. Why not capitalize on this great big area and put something there? A logo, a slogan, anything you can think of. That’s why they’re called custom floor graphics. And some sharp and professional custom floor graphics can really help your Houston business.

The floor’s the limit!

At Sign Success, our industrial-strength, vinyl floor graphics can be applied to almost any surface. We can do sealed concrete, wood, Terrazo, marble, sealed vinyl, and ceramic tile. And don’t worry about scuffs or wear and tear. Our floor graphics are supremely durable. What’s more, our custom floor graphics are guaranteed against skidding or slipping, even in areas of heavy foot traffic. Whatever custom floor graphics or text you choose for your business in Houston (or wherever) will remain vibrant and eye-catching for months.

Get started on your journey towards custom floor graphics

With custom floor graphics, you can transform your once-plain, largely unnoticed floor into a valuable marketing tool. Custom floor graphics command attention and can inform, guide, or even entertain all who pass over it, as well as frequently inspire increased sales from impulse buying.

Custom floor graphics are appropriate and can be effective in a wide variety of businesses all over Houston. Places of business such as office buildings, reception and lobby areas, supermarkets, retail environments, sports arenas, fitness centers, schools, for special events, and really anywhere with heavy foot traffic. All can benefit from professionally installed custom floor graphics.

To view samples of our past work, we invite you to visit our Gallery!

If you’d like to place an order, request an estimate, or if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to get in touch and contact us today!

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