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The Green Movement Comes to Signage

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Use the newest development of solar signage to boost your brand, save money, and keep the world clean

Green energy is sweeping the nation as a cheaper, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly source of power. There’s no exception when it comes to signage. All of the benefits that you can reap from using solar energy for your house or appliances can be applied to illuminated signage as well.

Whether you believe that the earth is warming or not, it’s an indisputable fact that energy production from dirty energy such as coal, petroleum, or natural gas is harmful to the health of the environment and its inhabitants. So why not do your part to reduce what you can; switching your sign to solar power may seem like just a small amount, but every little bit counts.

Not to mention the abundance of energy that you’re missing out on. Solar energy is by far the most abundant energy source available, with more than 32 times as much direct solar radiation, in terms of terrawatt hours, reaching the earth’s surface than all available non-renewable resources combined. That’s a lot of energy!

The way we are able to harvest this radiation and turn it into a usable energy source is through photovoltaic, or PV cells. These cells can be created from materials that mimic the PV effect, exciting the electrons and generating electricity.

So how does solar energy work in signage?

Solar signage incorporates the same basic components as any solar panel – PV cells to collect and convert energy into electricity and batteries to store the electricity. In addition to these basic components, solar energy in signage requires LED lights to light up the sign and a power management system to solve challenges relating to seasonal variances, environmental variances, and other changing conditions.

These components can be incorporated into monument signs, wayfinding signs, or virtually any other type of illuminated sign.