Getting a Sign Permit

For a blog dedicated to the ins and outs of signage, you might be surprised to see an article about surveys and permits. And that’s precisely why this article exists. Not a lot of people consider the permits they might require for their various signage. But permits are required for outdoor signage. And we’d hate to see you plan everything out and get your big beautiful signage made, only for you to be unable to use it because a site survey wasn’t done by your sign company (maybe they just quoted you the job over the phone)  or neglected to get a sign permit. So here’s the lowdown on site surveys and sign permits.

Why do you need a site survey?

Well, we need to know the details of the job before creating the estimate so both you (the customer) and we (the producer of the sign) have a clear understanding of what is wanted and what is possible. First, figure out where you want the sign to go. What is the best place to attract attention from potential customers and clients?

Then, try to figure out if that positioning is practical. Is the space big enough? Will we have easy access to the spot to install the sign? You don’t have to know all of this right away, but the more information you bring us, the better. Then we can figure out if your first choice for sign location is practical or if another spot is better.

What kind of surface is it going on? A painted wall? A brick wall? Flat or ridged?) Is it going into concrete? Into dirt? What kind of access do we have? Do we need to use a manlift or bucket truck and if so, can we easily access the desired site with this equipment? What is the actual space with which we have to work?

Having accurate measurements as well as knowing what obstacles there are or any challenges there may be makes for a much more accurate estimate or proposal. Which makes for a much smoother installation process. We can take a picture of the location in which the sign will go and digitally superimpose the image of the sign so you can see what the proposed project will look like and approve it before it is manufactured. This can save a lot of time and headaches on the back end of the project.

Outdoor electrical signs

Electrical signs have additional challenges as well – such as the ability (and time) to get electricity to the sign if one has not been there before.

Sign permits

Doing a site survey is what gives us enough info to get a sign permit. Signs cannot be installed outside of your building without a permit in the City of Houston and much of greater Metro Houston, so it is important to allow enough time for getting the permit. We recommend that you apply for the permit at least two months before the time when you will need the sign. Because if the sign isn’t approved the first time, we need time to make changes…and starting to manufacture the sign before the permit is obtained is also not always a good idea depending on how sure we are that the City will grant a permit.

For more info on getting sign permits in the City of Houston, please click here.

If you would like know more about site surveys or sign permits, or would like to place an order for some signage, please contact us today. We would be happy to help you with any inquires that you have.

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