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The Importance of a Site Survey

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A site survey may sound like the last thing on your mind when you’re focused on designing a logo and choosing colors that will represent your company. The truth of the matter, however, is that a site survey is quite possibly the most important part of the design process. Without it, all of the planning that you’ve put into making your sign the best that it can be will have gone to waste.

So what does a site survey include?

A site survey includes taking pictures, examining the materials and area where the sign will be installed, and verifying all measurements. Additionally, we reexamine all sign ordinances to make sure that your sign will fall within city code, and determine when a permit is needed, as well as securing these permits when necessary.

To get more information of permits, check out our blog about getting a sign permit in the city of Houston.

When do we conduct a site survey?

In almost every situation, we like to conduct a site survey to ensure that all measurements are correct and there are no oversights when it comes to manufacturing and installing, and what is possible for each specific site. There are only several situations in which we see fit not to conduct a site survey. The most common reasons we would not do so is for when a wholesale account sends in an order, when a customer brings a vehicle in to our facility, if there’s already plans drawn out for a specific sign, we’re working with a contractor, or if we’re going off blueprints to create the design.

Why is a site survey so important?

From what material, to visibility, to accurate measurements, a site survey can help work out any kinks before they happen; after the sign is already manufactured, it’s almost impossible to fix a majority of these problems that are easily preventable with a site survey.

A site survey allows us to make sure that the sign we’re about to manufacture will actually fit in the space desired, and that it will actually be possible to install it with current conditions.

Additionally, surveys allow you to superimpose a digital image on to the building so that you can see a scaled version of your design prior to the final product. This gives you an opportunity to make any changes to a design that looks good on paper, but might not appear as finished as it could as a final product.

Finally, a site survey allows the sign company to give a much more accurate quote. Knowing what is really going to be involved in the process, as well as how easy or hard it will be to work around obstacles, will help your sign company give an accurate quote and prevent any surprises when the installation comes around.

Whether you’re looking at installing a post and panel sign or a series of office signs, the first step is to have out our install team to discuss your project and bring you one step closer to your new sign!

For more information about signage, or to place an order, contact us.