The Keys to Effective Vehicle Graphics


Vehicle graphics can be one of the simplest and most effective tools for promoting your business. Whether you run a one-man handyman operation out of your truck or you’re the CEO of a massive, multinational company that wants to advertise your product on the big rigs in which they are shipped, vehicle graphics are a low cost, portable, billboard. It’s amazing not every business takes advantage of the space on their vehicle or vehicles. And once you learn more about vehicle graphics, you’ll be baffled as to why you didn’t think of this before.

This is not to say, of course, that merely slapping your business’s name on your pickup truck is going to instantly result in a tripling of your business. You need to have your vehicle graphics designed and applied effectively and professionally. But just what are the keys to effective vehicle graphics? Well, keep on reading, because you’re about to find out!


As mentioned earlier, you need your vehicle graphics to look professional. You can’t just write the name of your company on your vehicle in permanent marker or with a paint brush. Sloppy looking vehicle graphics will do more harm than good because it will send potential customers the message that yours is a shoddy operation.

Unless you’re a professional designer or visual artist, you’re going to want to have some experts in the field of signage handle this one for you. Even if you are one of those two aforementioned things, it never hurts to consult with the experts. And you’ll find no better expertise than that at Sign Success. Tell us your vision and your goals and we can make it happen in a crisp, eye-catching, and professional manner.


Of course, having the best designed and most professional looking sign is no good if it’s only on the inside of your passenger door. You need to ascertain the best place to put your sign. The outside of the driver and passenger side doors and the hood are popular choices.Depending upon the size of your sign, the back bumper could be appropriate, but be careful; you don’t people mistaking your professional advertising signage for a kitschybumper sticker.

Rules and Regulations

Sometimes, people want to put their company name on their hood backwards, as ambulances do. But this is not necessarily a good choice. Ambulances do this so that drivers in front of them can clearly read “Ambulance” through their rearview mirror and move out of the way. The eyes you want are those passing your moving or parked vehicle. As urgently as you may want to advertise, it is not an emergency.

This brings us to an important note. Never design or place your vehicle signage in such a way that contravenes laws, by-laws, or driver safety. Yes, you want your vehicle signage to be eye-catching, but not to the point of distraction.

What else?

Need to know more? Well please, don’t hesitate to contact us today! It’s your first step towards eye-catching, professional vehicle graphics.


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