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Let’s say you are a business owner. Now let’s say that somebody has offered you a billboard, free of charge. Great! Now you can advertise your business on a billboard. Anybody who passess by it will see your advertisement and think of your company. But only people who happen by the billboard will see it. Hmm…


Now let’s say that somebody has offered to move around this billboard for you. Imagine that! A mobile billboard that roves around town advertising your company at no additional cost to you. How amazing is that? Well, you don’t need to just imagine it; you can do it! Because this is what your vehicle can be! All you need are some eye-catching and professional looking vehicle graphics to start promoting your business and turning your otherwise utilitarian mode of transportation into a dynamic and effective moveable billboard.


Vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics can come in many forms. Vehicle graphics are a very versatile medium and can be tailored, customized, and modified to fit both the vehicle in question and the type of advertising appropriate for your business. But it can be difficult to understand the advantages of each of these forms of vehicle graphics so this article will take a closer look at some of the more popular options available to you.


  • Standard vehicle graphics
    Your standard vehicle is still a fairly broad concept. Most commonly, you might see a graphic on the side of an automobile’s side door (or doors). These may include a company’s name, logo, motto or slogan, and contact information.
  • Fleet graphics
    If your company has a whole fleet of vehicles, then you the graphics you get are very important. Often, the key desirable trait here is uniformity. For example, let’s say that you run a moving company. You don’t want your moving vans having different versions of your logo or a different color scheme. It is very important you only hire the most professional and experienced graphics company to work on your fleet.
  • Wraps
    Wraps are a more involved, bolder, more dynamic form of vehicle graphics. While many automobiles might have a small graphic on the driver’s side door, a wrap covers much of the vehicle. The graphic literally wraps around the automobile. With this added space, you can do more with the graphics. Many companies choose to use full-out ads with a wrap. A large image of the product or even a blown-up photo of a person using or holding the product are popular choices.
  • Magnetic signs
    Magnetic signs are often a more affordable form of vehicle graphic. They often take the form of a magnetic poster one can apply to the automobile. Magnetic signs usually consist of a business’s name, contact information, and a logo. Magnetic signs are often popular choices for small businesses, such as tradespeople, who want to advertise their painting or carpentry services or what have you. Magnetic signs are also attractive to those who wish to remove their graphic when not on duty.


These are just a few of the popular forms of vehicle graphics. To learn more, please contact us today!

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