commercial real estate signage

When you’re in the business of selling real estate or commercial real estate, your signage can make or break a deal. More specifically, your signage can determine whether or not someone even considers that deal in the first place.

Keep content simple.

If people are truly on the lookout for a new commercial property, they don’t want to read hundreds of page long descriptions. Keep your content simple with a brief explanation of the price, size, location, general amenities, and important contact information. The “For Sale” portion of the sign, or something of the sort, should be the biggest font, followed by a contact number, with all other information printed in smaller detail.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

A picture says a thousand words, and when it comes to commercial real estate signage, that’s exactly what you need. You could go on for hours about the specific details of your property, but why tell people when you could show them all they need to know in one full-color graphic? Aside from the simplicity of using pictures, people relate better to graphics, and are more likely to respond to visuals than they are to plain-jane words.

Add a brochure box.

This goes back, in part, to the idea of pictures. You obviously can’t fit every picture of a building from every angle on a single sign, let alone all of the necessary details. Instead, only feature your best picture on the sign, and include the rest in a brochure that can be picked up from a box attached to the sign. Not only does it give potential buyers more details and get them more interested in the real estate, but it can also be a reason for them to stop in the first place.

While there are many people who will stop to get information on a property, there are far fewer people who will take time out of their day to actually call and learn the information unless they’re already seriously interested.

Opt for a good quality material.

When you’re selling a commercial real-estate property, you’re generally trying to sell quality. Your sign should reflect that. When designing your sign and choosing the material, be sure to ask for a material that will wear the weather well and can stand the test of time. Although some materials may be more expensive, you won’t have to worry about replacing them a couple weeks or months later simply because the material was not meant to last.

Before choosing the material you want, decide what type of real estate sign you’re interested in so that you know what materials you have to work with, and which ones are best designed for that specific design.

If you’re looking at selling a property, contact us and we’ll be sure to work with you to design your best commercial real estate signage.

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