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Types of Real Estate Signage

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Types of Real Estate Signage

Virtually all real estate signage has the same general message; after all, there’s only so many ways you can say “for sale”, “for lease”, or “for rent”. What you can find a million possibilities for, however, is the type of sign you use to convey this message.

We’ve put together the top four types of real estate signage and are here to help you decipher the subtle nuances that make each one of them uniquely qualified for different situations and locations.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs come in a variety of materials and designs, but the general concept of virtually all styles of post and panel signs are the same; a panel containing the graphics or design which is installed onto posts (just as the name implies). When it comes to real estate, these signs are extremely versatile and can be used for anything from a front yard “for sale” sign to a large sign advertising commercial real estate.

The great thing about post and panel signs is that they can be customized to virtually any size and can contain both pictures and written information about the property.

Click here to check out our post on everything you need to know about post and panel signs.


Banners are undoubtedly the most versatile of real estate signage. They can be hung in yards, strung between posts, or attached to the side of a building, and can easily be printed in full color so that your design can include vibrant pictures and colorful messages that will grab potential buyers’ attention.

If you’re not looking for a full sized banner or don’t have anywhere to hang it, the idea of a banner is not completely off the table. Outdoor banner stands offer a durable alternative that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’ve decided to go with a banner stand for your real estate signage, check out our tips for designing effective banner stands.

Yard Signs

Yard signs offer the best of both worlds; they provide you with advertisements throughout town at an affordable price. However, you should check your local ordinances before committing to this form of advertising. Many counties prohibit yard signs, and some even incur hefty fines, while others allow them only on the weekends or in certain locations.

Vehicle Graphics

Take your real estate signage to the road with well designed vehicle wraps, graphics, or decals. You’d be surprised at the benefits. While only 19% of drivers remember billboards or roadside signage, nearly 97% of people remember vehicle graphics.

Not only does this mobile form of signage expand the number of people exposed to your brand, but it also yields a positive response from customers and new leads.

Regardless of what type of property you’re selling, we can help you find the proper form of real estate signage to make the most out of your property.

For more information about real estate signage, or to place an order, contact us.