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When to use Banner Stands? They’re not just for Trade Shows!

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When to use banner stands.... they’re not just for trade shows!

Many people involved in business have probably heard of using banner stands as a tool for trade show presentations, but their utility doesn’t end there. The number of ways you can use a banner stand; whether you want a long term sign or a way to advertise for a one time event or showcase your newest products and promotions, the possibilities are endless.

Trade shows

Of course, the most popular use of banner stands is at trade shows, where businesses

Reinforcement for a presentation: Whether you’re creating an important client presentation or a pitching an idea to your boss, banner stands can help you outline important points and give your audience a visual.

Entrance signage: One popular user of banner signs is hotels; but it’s not just hotel lobbies that can benefit from banner stands. Every corporate lobby can benefit from a sign that will greet your customers with relevant information and leave them with a good impression as they go.

Showcase specials: Restaurants can use them to showcase their menu or certain specials.

Announcements: If you’re looking for an effective yet inexpensive way to advertise your latest promotions, products, or specials, or advertise for an upcoming event, banner signs can capture the eye of any crowd and direct them towards your company.

Directions: Whether your directing customers to a specific product, location, or event that’s taking place, banner signs make it easy to help your customers find what it is that they need.

Grouped together to form a large mural graphic.

As an advertisement: Use banner stands as your “Silent Salesman”. Instead of subjecting your customers to a lengthy sales pitch, display your product and let your banner stand speak for you.

Use as a tool for point of purchase displays:

Success stories: Give your customers an impressive visual of why it is that they want to use your product.

To check out different types of banner stands and figure out what will work best for your use, click here.