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Using Lobby Signs as Decoration

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Using Lobby Signs as Decoration


Lobby signs are a great way to give a great first impression; being the first thing that people see when they step in to your business, they can set the tone for how customers view your business and the environment that is created throughout the room. While it’s important to consider the professional aspect of a lobby sign, taking in to account the artistic nature its design can also help you make the most of your signage, and transform your lobby sign into a valuable interior design piece.

Create contrast with colors.

Simply utilizing one color or leaving a blank wall is never a good solution when it comes to the place that your customers are going to see. Best case scenario, it will simply look a little drab. More than likely, however, it could end up looking like a hospital room or prison wall – generally not things you want to be associated with (unless that’s your business, of course). Even if you prefer a minimalist style, adding a lobby sign that contrasts nicely with the wall can add energy and life to the room.

Create a work of art.

Like any form of signage, lobby signs can become so much more than simply a name on the wall. By utilizing layering effects, lighting, and different materials along with well-designed graphics, you can transform your signage into the perfect decorative art for your company while simultaneously displaying your name.

Let your personality shine through.

Lobby signs are the perfect medium with which to show case your companies shining personality. Right from the get-go, people can see who you are, as a colorful, well designed sign speaks for itself.

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