When it comes to decorating and designing your business’s office, lobby, workplace, or retail location, you could be entering a land of headaches. Unless your business is interior decorating, it can be difficult to know what to do. What is the best direction to take? Of course, you can hire an interior decorator; they can tell you all the shades that are currently in and what the trendiest types of furniture are.

But what an interior decorator can’t do is give your decor a message. A meaning. You can get the nicest most complementary shades of wall paint, or the wackiest, standout wallpaper, or even put up some nice paintings or portraits, but what will it really mean? Will it say anything about you or your business? Probably not. But a wall mural can.

Setting the mood

One thing you want to do with decor is set a mood. You want consistency and you want everything to gel together, not a series of dissonant colors and disjointed design. In this sense, a nice painted wall is like singing on stage and a wall mural is like singing on stage into a microphone. A wall mural can amplify whatever mood you’re trying to set by being more explicit than a simple color can. Wall murals can create a mood throughout a restaurant, office, or any other space. If you run a Mexican restaurant, why not install a wall mural of a Mexican landscape or a traditional Mexican village?

But wall murals don’t have to be loud or ostentatious. Far from it. You can use subtle, understated wall murals to help convey a professional atmosphere.

Vision and Values

Wall murals can be a great way to emphasize your business’s vision and values. Is your business environmentally conscious? Then why not showcase a wall mural with a scene of natural beauty? Perhaps your business has operated for a long time. Why not install a wall mural that pays homage to the history of your business or its local community? You can also incorporate company slogans or mottos into your wall murals. Why just paint a wall when you can advertise your company’s vision and values?


It does not have to be all pastoral scenes and motivational phrases, either. Why not increase sales by promoting your products or services? Sometimes the hard sell is the best sell. Use your precious wall space to extol the virtues of your products or services.

Be welcoming

Wall murals can be used to make customers feel welcome. A plain painted wall can be cold. And a cold atmosphere can keep a customer from returning whereas murals can invite a customer’s imagination and engage them with your product or service. For example, an Italian restaurant that creates the feel of a street scene in Italy is more inviting than a few art pieces of Italian locations. A doctor’s office with walls of colorful animals is more inviting and reduces anxiety far more than plain green walls. And this is especially true of any office or business that deals with children.

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