Effective Point of Purchase Display

The point of purchase (POP) is a retail term meant to denote where customers pay for their goods, ie: the cashier’s counter. A point of purchase display is a display that is situated right next to the goods that are being promoted and advertised, again, generally near the cashier or checkout. The POP display can refer to the signage itself, specifically, or more broadly, to how the signs and the goods themselves are organized, situated, and displayed.

Point of Purchase Display

The purpose of a point of purchase display is to bring the eye of customers to the goods on offer and to entice them to purchase said goods. When situated along the checkout line, these goods are often referred to as, “impulse purchases”, though this term is not always suitable for all POP goods. Classic examples of impulse buys are candy, gum, or magazines (often gossip magazines) that are placed by the cashier line in supermarkets to tempt customers while they are waiting in line.

Rules for POP Displays

It’s not merely enough to stack a bunch of candy bars –or whatever goods– by a cash register and hope people will pick them up and buy them. You have to let people know that they are there. You must draw the eye of your customers. Here are some rules to follow in order to make your POP display effective:

  1. Know your retailers – what are their requirements?
  2. Know your shoppers – what are they looking for? Bargains? Do they want to donate to a special cause? Something else?
  3. Keep important information at eye level; always consider where shoppers will be looking.
  4. Make your displays jump out at your customers; make them visually noteworthy. We are surrounded by advertising messages all the time. What will make yours stand out? The message? The color? Some humor?
  5. Be creative. Whether you use unique shapes, brilliant colors, or think outside the box as to how or where you set up your point of purchase display, be sure to incorporate details that set your display apart and make it different from the area around it.
  6. Stick with the theme. If the product that you’re advertising has a clear color theme or design, be sure to design a display that will go well with its packaging.
  7. Choose a good location. Your goal should always be to place your display where it is going to have the most impact; you want to grab your customers’ attention without making it difficult for them to move through aisles or reach other areas in the store. If you decide to place your display at busy checkout lines, make sure it’s large enough to draw shoppers’ eyes but small enough to stay out of the way.
  8. Make it easy. Design your displays so that they are approachable and give your customers easy access to the product.
  9. Be clear. Make sure customers know what you want them to do.

If you follow these nine key rules, your point of purchase displays should be effective at enticing customers to purchase your goods. 

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