Which Types of Businesses Can Benefit from Wall Murals? width=

A well-placed, tasteful, inspirational, eye-catching, and professionally created wall mural can provide a business with many benefits. But is a wall mural appropriate for every business? Well, that all depends on how and where you place the wall mural and the content of said mural. This article will examine what types of businesses can benefit from a wall mural, what those benefits are, and how to get the most out of a wall mural.

Who is your audience?

Wall murals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and concepts. The only limit to what a wall mural can be is one’s imagination. But before you go all out and incorporate every crazy, fun, and whacky idea you’ve ever had, think to yourself: who is this for? While expression is an integral part of any great wall mural, you must remember that a wall mural in a business has a specific purpose. Most of the time, a wall mural has one of two main functions: to motivate staff or to entice customers/clients. There are, of course, other reasons for and advantages to wall murals, but most murals in businesses serve one of these two functions, so you should decide which one matters most to your business.

Motivation for staff

If your aim is to commission an engaging and inspirational mural to motivate your staff, you have many options. But if you tailor the wall mural to your specific business, you are more likely to make it effective.


Let’s say that you work in an office for a company that manufactures and/or sells glass. Offices can be quite drab and boring at times. A colorful wall mural has the instant benefit of livening up the workspace. Something bright and fun can increase workers’ energy levels and ward off montonany. By incorporating glass into the mural in some way (let’s say depictions of various bottles) you reinforce the ultimate goal and object of the company: glass. Also, the addition of a company motto and/or logo, as well as some some fun and inspirational phrases can help foster unity and teamwork.


Lastly, if possible (and prudent) you might want to consider personalizing the mural to the staff who works in that office. If you have an idea of the staff’s collective personality, keep that in mind. Maybe the staff is a little offbeat and quirky; then maybe the mural should reflect that.

Motivation for customers/clients

If your workplace is one which customers/clients frequent, you can use a wall mural to appeal to them. For instance, a business that works with children (a pediatrician’s office, for example) might benefit from a wall mural that engages and calms children. A restaurant can greatly enhance its ambiance with a wall mural depicting a lovely pastoral scene or something similar.


An external wall mural can also be a great way to entice customers inside. A bar with a crazy, colorful scene depicted can attract a crowd. A sporting goods store can showcase their wares with a thrilling action scene. Again, the only limits are your imagination.


So, which types of businesses can benefit from wall murals? Well, all of them! It all depends on what kind of wall mural you want. To learn more, please contact us today!


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