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Why Window Graphics?

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Why Window Graphics

Getting people to notice you is undoubtedly one of the most important steps to running a successful business. So here’s the million dollar question – how? Undoubtedly, advertising and marketing schemes boost your public visibility, but there’s nothing that can replace simply leaving an impression on people passing by; if you can catch their eye then, they are much more likely to remember you and come back for business! So what exactly is the key? Simple. Window graphics.

The beauty of window graphics is that they don’t need to be elaborate or expensive to catch the eyes of customers and draw people in. So why choose window graphics over other forms of signage?

Stand out from your neighbors

Many shopping centers feature cookie cutter versions of stores with little signage or brand variety, making it hard to let your business shine. Window graphics add a pop of color and can be customized to showcase your individuality or specialities.

Change with the seasons

Whether it be a sale, seasonal products, or a simple season’s greetings, decals and stickers are easily interchangeable, so your store front will never go out of style.

Attractively shield from the sun

Whether you want to completely block the sun out with vinyl, or only let some in, but avoid that 3 o’clock glare with perforated vinyl graphics, window graphics are a much more attractive option than traditional curtains, and they have the added bonus as doubling as a great advertisement or simply decoration.

Add privacy

There are many situations in which people simply don’t need to see everything that goes on in your business. Whether you’re conducting a business meeting, meeting with a new client, or simply trying to hide the chaos that often goes along with production, window graphics enhance privacy for both you and your clients.

Save on city permits

No matter what city you live in, there is generally some form of restrictions placed on the size and material of traditional signage such as banners or monument signs, not to mention the cost and time of acquiring a permit. A great alternative for store-front signage is window graphics, which give you the same visibility and send the same message, without some of the hassle sometimes associated with acquiring a city permit.

For more information on permit’s in the city of Houston, click here.

Add variety

Window graphics aren’t just for storefront windows – they can be placed in virtually endless locations. Consider using vehicle graphics to spread your brand around town, or placing small bits of anything from information to inspiration on decals on bathroom or dressing room mirrors.