Wrapping Your Vehicle

Vehicle wraps are more popular now than they have ever been. Vehicle wraps are under utilized.

Does it seem to you like those two statements are contradictory? Not so. Consider all the many, many types of businesses that could benefit from mobile, eye-catching, memorable advertising that requires only a one-time, modest fee. Now consider all the people out there who own cars. Now consider how many of those people work in jobs where they can, and for which it is appropriate, to advertise on their vehicle. The conclusion to which you should come is that even if all of the many people who can promote their businesses, franchises, and brands on their vehicle did so, they would still stand out among the huge number of nondescript vehicles on the road on any given day.

The efficacy of vehicle wraps

Just how effective are vehicle wraps? Very? A little bit? Not at all? Well, you might have noticed more and more vehicles with graphics recently. There’s a reason why pretty much every franchise and national brand is putting some form of graphics on their vehicles these days. Because itworks. And this isn’t just talk, there are statistics to back this up. Here are some stats from an independent study conducted by the American Trucking Association:

  • A wrapped vehicle that traveled in or around a major city generated more than 65,000 visual impressions per day.
  • A wrapped vehicle that traveled in suburban areas generated more than 30,000 visual impressions per day.
  • 98% of consumers feel that fleet graphics created a positive image for the company.
  • 96% said fleet graphics had more impact than other forms of outdoor media (billboards, for example).

Look at those numbers! 98% of consumers see vehicle wraps positively! Do you know how rare it is to get 98% of anybody to agree on anything? Unless it’s a question of, “Would you like free money?”, or, “Are puppies good?”, it’s darn near impossible. So yes, vehicle wraps are an effective form of advertising.

More eyeballs equal more money

Whether a wrapped vehicle is parked or in motion, it is getting noticed. It is giving customers and potential customers alike a positive opinion of a professionally run operation. But that’s in theory. Let’s not pretend that all vehicle wraps are equal. You need to make your vehicle wrap as effective as possible. Here are some of the things you need to consider when getting your vehicle wrapped:

  • Vehicle exterior color
  • Vehicle design
  • Graphics material to choose based on the lifecycle of your vehicle; and remember, the graphics material you use will affect the cost of the wrap.
  • Different types of graphics to choose; simple decals, window graphics, partial or full wrap, all of which will also affect the cost of the wrap.

Get in touch

If you have some more questions about vehicle wraps, please get in touch with us. Maybe you’d like to know the pros and cons of window graphics vs partial wraps. Or perhaps you have a question as to what materials to use. No worry, we would be glad to answer any questionyou have and help you make the best decision. So, if you would like to learn more about vehicle wraps or would like to get an estimate or place an order, please contact us today.

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