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yard signs


You love them. You hate them. Just admit it; those pesky little signs that litter the side of the road provide your stop-light entertainment, and whether you realize it or not, put the company who is advertising there at the forefront of your mind when the time comes that you need their services. Even if its the farthest thing from your mind at the time, the businesses who put themselves out on the side of the road all over town will be the first you’ll think when you want to sell your home, put up some Christmas lights, or find a new lawn service.

As a business, there is no better (or more affordable) way to get your name out there than through yard and property signs.
First – realize that although they work at stoplights, they are also very effective to put in customers’ yards when you perform a service in their homes. Many homeowners in the area will see that sign and you become a trusted partner just by virtue of having provided service for a neighbor of theirs.

There are more uses for yard signs that you’ve probably never thought of!


  • Spread information about new products or a special sale you’re having.


  • Promote an event you’re hosting.


  • Promote a candidate or campaign. It doesn’t have to be political. Showing your support for a local campaign or taking a position on relevant issues can give your customers something to relate to and makes them much more likely to choose you over a competitor if they feel like they can connect with you and your business.


  • Give directions. Don’t let your customers get lost! Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find where you’re going, and as a company you never want to risk the chance of customers simply giving up because they can’t find where you’re located. Whether it’s simply a weekend yard sale or a tricky to find business, yard signs are a simple way to grab your customers’ attention and ensure that they get to you without any problems.


  • Announce your grand opening. Chances are that there are going to be people excited about your opening… if they know about it. One of the simplest ways to spread the word is through yard signs.