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Your Guide to Grand Opening Signage

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grand opening signage

The key to executing a successful grand opening is to plan ahead, especially when it comes to signage. Signage is a key component of any grand opening, as it ensures that people will know about your new business, and that they’ll know when and where to show up!

You always want to get your signage out a week or two in advance, and start planning your designs even further ahead of time


This can not be said enough – advertise! For the weeks or even months leading up to your big event, get your name out there and make yourself known. If people know you are coming, they will anticipate your grand opening, and you will most likely have a great start to business.

Having a big event or special guest? Advertise it! People are much more likely to make an appearance to a business that provides entertainment than one that will simply bore. This is especially true for families with kids, so if your business relies on families for any of its business, be sure to cater to their needs. Playgrounds, crafts, or fun games for kids to play ensure that they won’t get bored and drag their parents home.

So you know what to advertise, but how is the important question. Yard signs, post and panel signs, large grand opening banners – any and all of the above are perfect options for your event. While yard signs allow you to spread the word throughout the community at a relatively low expense, large banners draw attention to your business and distinguish it from other signage in the area.

While all of the signage specific to grand openings is very important, you don’t want to forget about the signage that’s going to stay up for years to come. Creating a new business requires a lot of signage, from the entrance signs, to a roadway sign, to window lettering, wall murals, ADA compliant signage, and all the other small interior details.

Your “Big” Sign Out Front

This sign will be there for years to come but it probably comes with the most constraints as well. The city has regulations. The landlord has regulations. And, particularly if you are going to have an illuminated sign, all of this takes more time than most people think.   To allow enough time to get approval from all the required parties, work with an electrician to get power where it needs to be if it isn’t already, design, manufacture and have the sign installed…starting 2 months before you want the sign to be up is really not too early!

Vehicle Graphics

An astonishing 97% of people notice vehicle graphics as they are traveling around town, versus a mere 19% that notice traditional billboard advertisements. Not to mention the fact that driving around with a moving advertisement on your vehicle spreads the word to a significantly larger group of people.

Still don’t believe us? Check out how you can get maximum attention for your business with vehicle wraps.


Although it’s easy to get caught up in all the other minute details of design and installation, don’t forget to ensure that your permits are secured, and know what you need to do to get a sign permit.

Party favors

After a successful grand opening, customers should have something to remember you by. Whether it be a pen, a hat, or a mug, promotional products give your customers something to remember you by and are a great way to say thank you for supporting your grand opening

From start to finish, signage is an important part of your grand opening. Contact us to get started on your order so that we can help make your grand opening as great as it deserves to be!